Diet Diary – Weigh Day

After my amazing 4lbs weight loss last week I was feeling super positive. I was being good with all of my meals and snacks. Trying to be as active as possible.  I had one bad day because heck, everyone has a cheat day once a in a while. We just brought a new tent so... Continue Reading →


Diet Diary – Weigh Day

So today was the ominous weigh day... I was expecting today to be like the last 100 days and it be either the same or a gain. From my heaviest I've lost 5lbs and since then I've just hovered around that mark for the last few months.  I actually put some work in this week,... Continue Reading →

Diet Diary – Where i am now

First off, I HATE the word diet. I like to think of it as more of a lifestyle change, being more healthy, more active and more conscious of what i am putting in my body. I, like probably most other women are at that awkward, annoying stage of their diet where its just not happening.... Continue Reading →


In all honesty, I'm not really sure why I want to start blogging again...  I used to have a blog when I was a teenager but back then I didn't know anyone without a tumblr 'type profile'. I used to blog everything about my life, my day, my thoughts and experience, but then I started... Continue Reading →

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