About Me;

IWelcome to my Blog!

Twenty Something British Mum that need’s somewhere to attempt to keep her sane.

I write about a series of subject which i have labelled as my “Diary’s”;

The Diet Diary’s
About my success and failure’s (mainly failure’s) of trying to loose weight, get fit and live a healthier life style. My progress from start to present time.
(Any tips, help or advise would be gratefully received!) 

The Gaming Diary’s
Me and my partner love gaming together, we play a series of games together and sometimes I talk about them here. It’s just a fun little project as it’s something we spend a lot of “couple” time doing.

We steam on Twitch so come watch us play. – Direwolfjack1

We featured in Mr&MrsWoW Community Project 2017, you can get to know us a little bit better as a couple here. 

The Travel Diary’s
Not that I go away very often but sometimes we’ll take a day trip or go away. I like to remember the memories however good, bad or stressful they are!

The Mum Diary’s
I am a mum to a beautiful little girl. She is my absolute world and more. I write about everything to do with being a parent. The highs, the lows, the struggles, the triumphs!

The Pregnancy Diary’s
My pregnancy was a little bit different to what is classed as “normal”. Here I tell my story from finding out, the journey and my labour.

These are the posts that don’t have a home. They are either ridiculously random, one off’s or just have no place in one of my collections.

Hope you enjoy reading about whatever it was that brought you here! I’m looking forward to this journey and can’t wait to meet you all along the way!

Possible future Diary’s;

The Craft / DIY Diary’s
I do a lot of crafting from painting, bullet journal to sewing / embroidery and learning to crochet. I’d like to start sharing these projects with you once they are completed.

The Dog Diary’s
Not only am I mum to a little girl, I am also mum to a beautiful, over sized and lovable fur-baby! We treat her like our second daughter so I’d love to introduce her to you and start sharing her “special” moments!!

The Cooking / Baking Diary’s
I often cook, bake and play around with food ideas for my little one and even the dog! Although I don’t use or make my own recipes, I’d love to share my ideas and what works, mine and the families favourite food and treats!

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions (or just want to say hi!) please don’t hesitate to contact me;

My Twitter – @_NiicoleG


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