Diet Diary – Weigh Day

This week has been a great week for me, not so much in the diet or exercise way but… i got my first comment about me loosing weight!!!! I honestly didn’t realise how good this would feel and if that isn’t a motivation boost, i don’t know what is!! The comment was literally “You’ve really lost some weight around your bum”, but hey, all compliments are greatly received!

My diet this week has kind of been the same as the previous weeks, not amazing but taking steps to be better, remembering to make the “healthier” choices and keeping the portions sizes down. I’ve even started having smoothies for meals, which is something i never thought i’d be doing. I’ve managed to cut out snaking rubbish in the day completely, if i get hungry i will have an orange or some raisins. It’s even got to the point at work know where everyone is bringing an orange in for a 4 o’clock snack, we even say “it’s Orange o’clock” and if someone has forgotten one we share!!

I’m starting to be more active at work, this is hard as i work behind a desk so i’m pretty much sat down for most of the day. I’ve started to make sure that i’m up and about a lot more, sitting down for most of the day isn’t good for you. I’ll offer to walk up to the top office which is something that i started to avoid due to the distance and the stairs!!! But i started to realise how awfully lazy that was.

I still have a few issues i need to get on top off that are letting me down!
1) The late night snack – I’ve made a rule for my self (after doing a bit of research) that i am going to limit my self eating past 8 pm – Sometimes i don’t stick to this as well as i should.
2) Fizzy pop – This seems to be a big issue, my partner drinks more than he drinks water so its hard to avoid when it is in the house. Although i have cut down tremendously, i’m still finding my self have the odd glass.
3) CRISPS – I am fine refusing all other snacks, but i think crisps will be my forever downfall!!!

I am super worried about these next weeks as i am going away and holidays mean treats! The stuff that i have seen my family pack already, the biscuits, the cakes! My mum has spent her entire day baking ready to take with us. I can’t see my self being good or having a weight loss next week or the week after. Maybe i should make my objective to not put on all the weight i have just lost… Sigh!!!

How can i have will power while i’m on holiday with everyone else not caring about being good and encouraging you to go wrong??


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