Diet Diary – Weigh Day 

It’s  that time of week again, I get excited for it but at the same time, truly dread it!!

This week I feel like the scale have been a fair judgement. I’m down another pound! Only a small victory this week but I’m happy with it. I havnt been over pushing my self or stressing about my diet and excercise. 

I twisted my ankle earlier in the week (not that it is an excuse!) But I have taken it easy, just been walking and doing home exercises. I did skip rugby this week and I can honestly say I missed it and cannot wait to get back next week! This in a way shows me how much my mental attitude has changed already! The fact I’m actually looking forward to a work out!

Due to the fact I have been limited to exercise I have been abit more strict on what I ate. Trying to keep it healthy and mainly keep portions down. We kind of have a running joke in the family… “do you want a normal size portion or a family size potion”. Now, I know that’s not a joke as such but it is how it is! We eat so much pasta and the amounts on the plates aren’t good. I’ve been cutting them down and making sure my carbs are always the smallest on the plate! This way, I don’t have to cut out everything I enjoy completely, well not at first anyway!!!!

Overall Weight loss = 4lbs


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