Gaming Diary – Pokemon Go.

Yesterday saw the start of the Pokemon GO Fest, being in the UK i was unable to go but in all honestly, that doesn’t sound like to much of a bad thing considering the events that went down. But in celebration of Pokemon Go 1st Birthday, i thought i would just do a quick post on where i am at and how close i am to completing the 1st Gen Pokemon before i go of out hunting the Legendary Pokemon that have just been released.

Although i have made a dint in the Gen 2 Pokemon, my main focus for the last few week has been to complete the 1st Gen Pokedex and i’m only 4 Pokemon away. (That i’m able to catch in my country anyway).



  1. Alakazam – 8 Candies Needed!!
  2. 83 – Farfetch’d (Not Available in UK)
  3. 85 – Dodrio – 10 Candies Needed!!
  4. 115 – Kangaskhan (Not Available in UK)
  5. 128 – Tauros (Not Available in UK)
  6. Kabutops – 39 Candies Needed
  7. 144 – Articuno (Legendary) – Only just Released TODAY!!
  8. 145 – Zapdos (Legendary) – Not Released
  9. 146 – Moltres (Legendary) – Not Released
  10. Dragonite – 32 Candies Needed!
  11. 150 – Mewtwo (Legendary) – Not Released
  12. 151 – Mew (Legendary) – Not Released

I cannot believe after how much and how long i have been playing this game that i am still 32 Candies away from my first Dragonite! But i am only 4 away (well 5 as of today) to completing it all that i can in the 1st Gen Pokemon and i am super close on two!

I wont be doing a weekly update, just as and when. but i will do a Gen 2 post soon!

Check out my Twitter for more frequent updates on my Pokemon Go.


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