Gaming Diary – Ark Survival Evolved.

It has been a week since my last update so here is what we have been up to since last time. I’m going to break it up over a few posts due to the fact we have done a lot on it and i think it would make one hefty blog post if i was to try and fit it all in.

The House;

Although we are forever changing things i think i can safely say we have finished with the house. With playing Ark for so long and watching many other peoples YouTube videos on structures, we couldn’t settle on a specific design, so we decided to take our favorites from certain ones either for the practicality aspects or design and decoration aspects. We decided it would be too difficult and soul destroying if we tried to recreate a building from the actual GOT series (anyone who plays this game will totally understand the limited resources on Scorched Earth!).


So this is the finished design. This is by far the best house we have built to date. It is huge, has a dinosaur gate so we can bring a few Dino’s in, this is so handy when you need to unload them all. One side at the top is our bird parking or “Aviary” as Jack likes to call it. The other side is a roof terrace, which has our cooking pots on and a ladder to go up to the main roof. The only way we plan to change this is to finish the glass roof on the cooking pot side and to put some wall lights on when we have eventually built them.

House View 2

So when you walk, i am stood at one end and this is what you can see. Huge open space, around 15 chests along the wall for storage (Yes, Pretty much all collectible resources has its own chest!, this is why Jack likes me playing these games, my organisation skills are on point!). We have a fire place, 2 campfire either side of the fire place, a smithy, 3 preserving bins, 3 forges and 2 table tops with around 8 mortar and pestle on filled with crafting supplies. Each end of those tables we have 2 small chests for the over following resources. (I actually think one end is completely filled with Narcotics!)

The other side; You can literally just see all the chests, our stack of vessels in a desperate attempt to preserve things as everything goes off so quickly!! The chest closet to the doors is called the “Dumper” chest, this is purely for Jack to dump all of his stuff in for me to sort out because he can never be bothered to go through and put everything away!!! The stairs case to upstairs. I can also see our house pets making an appearance but i will slow you them in another post.

House View


Up the spiral staircase (which often or not i always manage to fall off 1st attempt!).


We have a walk way from one side of the roof to the other (again, i very rarely make it across first time!) There is 1 door either side to access the roof terrace and the “Aviary”. At the far end there is yet another chest and 4 book cases, the chest is for all the trophies/artifacts you collect along the way and the book cases are for all the recipes and blue prints we get. (Again, nicely organised!! Maybe a bit too organised?) and we also have a super cute little bedroom area which in all honesty, is my favorite bit!



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