Diet Diary – Weigh Day 

I’ve decided to listen to people’s advice and monitor my new journey differently. Not just on the scales but in measurements and fitness levels aswell! 

After last week’s 5lbs weight gain its been a difficult and slow week, I have been feeling so tired and drained, I’ve had a lot on and not been feeling my best so it’s been difficult to stay on track. 

My exercise has been abit weak due to how I’ve been feeling. I’ve been doing more walking and trying to keep active as aposed to exerting myself although I went to rugby this week and got a mega workout there. Overall I could have done better, could of been lazier. 

My diet has been up and down. I’ve been a health guru some meals and a fat mess others. But overall I’d say I’ve been more good than bad which is an achievement in itself! I read an article today entitled “don’t drink your calories”. And it has really stuck in my head. I never really thought about drinks containing calories and when I worked out my days calories including my drinks, I was always over. So my task for next week – don’t waste calories by drinking them! 

I realise I need to stop being so hard on my self and start to try and enjoy it. It’s just hard not to question everything I’m doing! I am my own worst critic but I have to remember I’m also human and trying to change a habit of a life time! 

It’s hard for me to take this week’s weight loss for what it is, I keeping thinking of it more as “2lbs off my 5lbs weight gain” and not the 2lb loss it is. 

Overall Weight loss = 3lbs.


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  1. Story of my life trying to stay fit and healthy! I guess we need not be so hard on ourselves when we see slow results.. its a slow process and hey let’s enjoy doing it.. btw nice post, I can totally relate to my life😊


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