Gaming Diary – ARK Survival Evolved.

This will be all trial and error but something that i think would be fun to do. Me and my partner are always playing games whether it be on the computer, PS4 or board games. I thought it would be a fun addition to my blog to document these moments and our progresses throughout these games.

Although this particular game has been out for over a year now, it has a new map due to come out on the 19th July and i would like to start the “Gaming Diary’s” for that, so i suppose you can call this a practice run. We play this game very often and it’s one of the games we enjoy playing the most at the moment.

So starting this new collection on my blog, we decided to start a whole new game on scorched earth. Being the true nerds that we are and getting excited for the new season of Game Of Thrones, we decided to make a GOT themed Ark! Me being Khaleesi and my Partner being Khal Drogo we set off on our adventure on Scorched Earth.
Naturally on Scorched Earth you spend the best part of the first hour just dieing continuously, either by trying to find some water or due to the dinosaurs around. After finding a moderately safe place to build, near a water vein and being alive long enough to set up a mini starter base, we was off!

Setting up the essentials, getting the narcotics going and collecting resources, it didn’t take us long until we was filling all of our chests and getting ready to build the house. We even managed to get a tame in of a Morellatops which is essential for both water and berry collecting!! Although the first part of Ark can be pretty tedious just collecting and trying to get set up, you know by the end it will be rewarding.

**Apologies in advance for the quality of the photos but at least you can’t deny that they are my own.

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The end game – to get a Wyvern and become the Mother of Dragons!


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