Diet Diary – Weigh Day

After my amazing 4lbs weight loss last week I was feeling super positive. I was being good with all of my meals and snacks. Trying to be as active as possible. 

I had one bad day because heck, everyone has a cheat day once a in a while. We just brought a new tent so spent the night in the garden having a nibbles and games night. Mainly to test out the new purchase but it was amazing to pretend we was on holiday for the night! We had so much fun. 

Forward 2 days later to my next weigh day, and to my shock but a feeling that’s not new to me, I had put on, not only the 4lbs I worked so hard to lose last week but a total 5lbs weight gain for this week! Devostated isn’t even the word. I didn’t think I had been that unhealthy. I only had one bad night, I didn’t think I could make that much difference! 

Since the weigh day I’ve struggled to get back on track, all the motivation and good feeling I have had, has gone and I’m literally feeling lost with it! I need to shake it off and try again but I’m so disheartened now and in my head im back to the usual “diet starts Monday”. 



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  1. Try not to lose hope.
    Maybe find another way to measure your success.
    the scale is one way, but also measure with a tape measure. If you lost inches but gained weight, your body is healthier, shrinking, but maybe put on some muscle and or retaining water. So you keep going.

    and also consider, if you are also working out, the achievements there. .. can you run a mile now where 2 weeks ago you could only do a quarter mile? Or lift more than you could 2 weeks ago? Do you have more energy and just feel better than 2 weeks ago.

    there are all sorts of ways to measure progress. Don’t let the scale ruin your progress and stomp out your determination

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    1. Thankyou so much! It’s such a good way of thinking And definitely something for me to consider on my next post! I’m even thinking of doing a before and after to try and motivate me that way, it’s how I feel that counts!!!

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    1. Yes I do, I tend to do it Wednesdays, I sometimes have a cheeky weigh on the weekend just to see if I’m on track even though I know shouldn’t! I’ve only been doing this for 3/4 weeks and expecting miracles I think! Haha!

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