Diet Diary – Weigh Day

So today was the ominous weigh day… I was expecting today to be like the last 100 days and it be either the same or a gain. From my heaviest I’ve lost 5lbs and since then I’ve just hovered around that mark for the last few months. 

I actually put some work in this week, I cut out the fizzy pop, I cut down on all things bad like crisps, chocolate and biscuits and even made healthier choices like green tea instead of normal tea and sweet potato instead of pasta. There only little changes but they are the changes I need to start making if I’m ever going to shift some weight!

I’ve tried to be more active this week, walking the dog most days, even went for a run with her on Monday around the block, it wasn’t far at all and I don’t think my dog ever made it out of a steady jog but again, it’s a start. I went to rugby training and worked my behind off and absolutely loved it! Although I’m still paying for it now. I have never ached so much! 

So this week I surprised my self with a 4lbs loss! It’s made me happy, feel like my efforts paid off and it’s deffo gave me the motivation to keep trying. (For now anyway) 


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