Diet Diary – Where i am now

First off, I HATE the word diet. I like to think of it as more of a lifestyle change, being more healthy, more active and more conscious of what i am putting in my body. I, like probably most other women are at that awkward, annoying stage of their diet where its just not happening. I am in the wrong mind set which is half my battle. I’m doing and eating what I like and at the end of the week, getting upset that the scale isn’t showing that i have lost a stone.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what i should be eating, that isn’t the issue. I’m educated on the good and bad. I have evidence of this with the diet that i give my daughter. As a mother, it seems pretty obvious I’m going to feed her a healthy diet to give her the best possible start in life, but as a general whole, it confuses me why, when I feed my daughter so healthy, why I then snack on crisps while I’m feeding her because I’m starving and don’t have time to make anything properly for me as well?!

I know a big problem for me and my whole family is in fact the portion size. My family cook to feed the 100’s but there’s only 6 of us! The plate is always over full and usually with pasta or mash. Most of my family skip breakfast and eat there daily allowance of calories during there evening meal!!

This is probably going to be the most stupid thing you are going to read, but I honestly am fine with my “diet” untill I get hungry!… (Yes i said it, stupid!). Then I want something quick, something nice, and usually something filling. I can diet rather easily during the morning and afternoon, especially if i am at work, but come to the evening, it’s what’s quick, the massively family meal I can’t turn away, and usually some fizzy pop accompanied by a pudding of some sort. It’s my downfall, I know it is, and why i cant change my habit is the reason behind this blog post. It’s frustrating. I’m just unmotivated! I know I need to to lose weight! I desperately want to lose weight. But It just doesn’t seem to fall into place. I very often give my self motivational speeches, like today is the day, going to eat amazingly, go for a run and bash those pounds, but come 5pm (even if I’ve done all of those things).I’m that tired I want to curl up on the sofa with a big bar of chocolate and binge on TV.

I wish someone could give me a push or a tip on how to get started but i know the only person that can do that is me. I desperately need to change. Starting with ME.


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