Diet Diary – Weigh Day 

It has been a while since I have done an update on my diet and weight.  So...What's changed? I have lost 7lbs in total since my last post! So happy I'm going the right way.  I have started Pilates. I thought it would be such a good way to do some light impact exercise and... Continue Reading →


Being more Confident…. 

This is something that i have really struggled with over the last few months, I've never been a mega confident person anyway but with past events, i became kinda reserved, wanting to keep my self to myself and every now and then, that just gets on top of me. I've had an issue with not... Continue Reading →

Diet Diary – Weigh Day

It feels like so long since I last did a post although I have a pretty good excuse... I've been on HOLIDAY and had the best time! I have come back relaxed and ready to take on some new big changes in my life! It was the reboot I needed. I can honestly say I was... Continue Reading →

Diet Diary – Weigh Day

This week has been a great week for me, not so much in the diet or exercise way but... i got my first comment about me loosing weight!!!! I honestly didn't realise how good this would feel and if that isn't a motivation boost, i don't know what is!! The comment was literally "You've really lost... Continue Reading →

Diet Diary – Weigh Day 

It's  that time of week again, I get excited for it but at the same time, truly dread it!! This week I feel like the scale have been a fair judgement. I'm down another pound! Only a small victory this week but I'm happy with it. I havnt been over pushing my self or stressing... Continue Reading →

Gaming Diary – Pokemon Go.

Yesterday saw the start of the Pokemon GO Fest, being in the UK i was unable to go but in all honestly, that doesn't sound like to much of a bad thing considering the events that went down. But in celebration of Pokemon Go 1st Birthday, i thought i would just do a quick post... Continue Reading →

Diet Diary – Weigh Day 

I've decided to listen to people's advice and monitor my new journey differently. Not just on the scales but in measurements and fitness levels aswell!  After last week's 5lbs weight gain its been a difficult and slow week, I have been feeling so tired and drained, I've had a lot on and not been feeling... Continue Reading →

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